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It’s looking like it might be a very hot weekend so please ensure that while you enjoy the sun, spare some thoughts for the little ones out there!! Have fun and enjoy, but here are some tips for the warmer weather.

Caring For Pets In Hot Weather

If taking pets in the car make sure there is plenty of fresh air and carry some water, ensuring regular stops. Pets should never be left in cars while unattended due to the risk of overheating. It is always best to check where you are going to ensure that they accept animals being there. Even on walks, some breeds can struggle with the heat so try to do this early morning or late evening. It is not just some brachycephalic (shorter-nosed) breeds that struggle in the heat, some very active dogs can overheat through over-zealous playtime.

Some surfaces such as tarmac can get very hot in summer and may cause damage to animals’ pads. And don’t forget that pets get sunburnt too, so a pet-safe sun cream should be used on exposed skin. Ensure there is access to shaded areas when your pet is outdoors and you can even cool drinking water down with ice cubes.

We all love a barbeque when it’s warm but eating undercooked meat or meat with bones in it can cause injuries or illness.

Don’t forget it’s not just cats and dogs that have difficulties in hot weather too, other species such as rabbits and guinea pigs need the same access to water and protection from the sun!

Valley Vetcare

Have fun in the sun and remember, when you need a reliable vet in Rochdale – we are here for you. Contact us here or call us on 01706 656559.

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