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Parvovirus is a serious virus for dogs, keep reading for more advice on a recently confirmed case in Rochdale.

Parvovirus Rochdale

A case of Parvovirus has been confirmed in the Rochdale OL12 area and we are advising clients regarding this serious disease.

The virus can affect dogs of all ages and is highly infectious. It can also be carried by other animals. The virus damages the intestine cell lining and initially causes poor appetite, lethargy, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. This can lead to dehydration, circulation problems and sepsis from other infections.

The highest risk groups for parvovirus are:

  • Very old dogs
  • Young pups
  • Dogs with poor immune systems
  • Unvaccinated dogs

Please note it is important to vaccinate your pets annually.

Valley Vetcare Rochdale

The team at Valley Vetcare are here to keep our local community of animal lovers safe and happy. For more information about the disease or advice regarding vaccination please contact our veterinary surgery in Rochdale on 01706 656559.

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