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Detecting viruses in our pets early can host a variety of benefits for both them and us. This Valley Vet Care article aims to explore how in-vitro diagnostics kits can offer early detection of a virus in animals and how that might benefit your pets!

How In-Vitro Diagnostics Kits Can Early Detect Viruses

In-vitro diagnostics kits are used to detect diseases and other conditions and in turn, help advise on the appropriate treatment, cure or prevention. Although often used with humans, there is no reason why similar diagnostics equipment can be used to detect viruses in our pets.

These tests are often used in laboratory or health settings however, there are options that people can use to detect viruses in their pets at home.

How Detecting Viruses Can Benefit You And Your Pets

Detecting viruses early, like with humans, can host great benefits for your animals. It’s important to note the obvious, on many occasions, the earlier we detect a virus, the easier it is to treat or cure. This is specifically important when it comes to our pets. Animals generally age much quicker than humans and so, in the unfortunate event of them carrying a virus or disease, they can progress quickly and make our animals unwell.

Regular visits to the vet and early detection testing are crucial ways of keeping on top of your pet’s overall health as they age.

Although it may seem as though we are out the other side of the pandemic, Covid-19 is still very much present, affecting both animals and humans, Although the risk of your pets spreading the Covid-19 variant is low, there are still ways in which detecting viruses such as coronavirus early in pets can benefit both you and your animals.

Early detection kits allow you to protect both your pets and yourselves when it comes to viruses and diseases such as Covid-19.

Although your pet may seem relatively healthy, we encourage regular visits to your vet to reap the rewards of early detection.

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