covid-19 guidelines

In light of the growing concerns and guidelines from the government and our veterinary regulatory bodies regarding Covid-19, we at Valley Vetcare are putting measures into place to protect our clients, their pets and the staff.

From the 21st March there will be no routine appointments or operations. We will continue to provide emergency and urgent care for ill pets. The opening hours of the practice have been changed to 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday and will be closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays to allow us to work in two teams.

When you ring for an appointment the member of staff will ask about your pets condition and offer guidance. They will risk assess the situation with your pet and yourselves. This may be verbal advise for some minor ailments, we may be able to provide over-the-counter medication such as treatment for mild diarrhoea, a phone/Skype or Zoom consultation with the vet or nurse or book an appointment if deemed absolutely necessary. Please be patient as the phone call may be longer than normal.

Please inform us if you or a family member is ill or been in contact with someone who is ill, or if you have been advised to self isolate. Also inform us if you have travelled abroad. We are requesting only one person attends the surgery with the pet, ideally a person who is not ill. If the risk is low, an appointment may be made. The waiting room has been segregated into 2 waiting areas. We will minimise the number of clients in the waiting room and in most circumstances we request owners to remain in their cars. We have been authorised to perform remote prescribing and therefore may be able to supply some medication without physically examining your pet.

Ensure you wash hands prior to your trip and use the provided hand sanitizer on entering and leaving the practice. The staff will be using handwashing procedures with certain personal protective equipment at this time to ensure adequate NHS supplies. If the risk is deemed high then you will be requested to wait in the car. A member of staff will collect your pet, we will then be using full protective equipment and a veterinary surgeon will assess your pet in a designated isolation area. The pet and any medication will then be returned to you.

If you require repeat prescriptions please do so with enough time as we have limited delivery days from our wholesaler and it may take longer to obtain certain medications. We are happy to provide longer prescription courses if requested. we can post the medication or arrange collection. For vulnerable groups we will deliver medication free of charge.

For the forseeable future, all annual vaccinations, kitten primary courses (kittens must be kept indoors), 6 month healths, routine prescription checks, flea/worm examinations and minor procedures such as nail clips are cancelled unless an animal is in need of veterinary assistance. After risk assessing the situation, we have elected to ensure that we finish all primary puppy vaccine courses to ensure adequate disease protection especially as some of the diseases are zoonotic (transmissible to humans) and extremely serious in the case of Parvovirus. We will also continue to provide tick and worm control given the significant risks to the pet and zoonotic risk.

The main thing is that everyone stays safe and keeps themselves and others protected around them. We are however committed to ensuring that your pet still receives any treatment needed to keep them safe too.

Vincent Wager BVM&S MRCVS Director