Globe Pets Limited

(Trading as Valley Vetcare)

Complaints Policy

This Policy

This policy explains how:

  • you, the clients, can raise a complaint about our goods and services; and
  • how we deal with complaints

We will always aim to provide high quality goods and services and to provide a high standard of client care. We recognise however that sometimes we may not get things right and as such, it is important that you can raise any issues or complaints with us.

How to make a complaint

We will always endeavour in the first instance to discuss your complaint and address any concerns that you may have to allow us to find a solution.

If you would like to make a complaint in writing, you can do so via email to:


Please include the following information in your complaint:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact details (telephone and email)
  • The fact that you are raising a complaint
  • Any relevant dates and times which are relevant to your complaint
  • The types of goods and services we have provided to you
  • A key summary of the problem or problems you have experienced and why the goods or services were not satisfactory

What to expect

Complaints will be processed and looked at during our business hours which are:

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm

Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday 10.00am to 12.00pm

Complaints will be dealt with by our complaints manager: SHARON WOOD


We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 business days of our receipt of it.


Our complaints manager will then conduct a thorough investigation into your complaint. Our complaints manager may need to contact you in order to obtain further details during the investigation.


A response to your complaint will ordinarily be provided to you via email.

Our complaints manager will ordinarily provide the full response within 7 business days of our receipt of your complaint. Sometimes, the investigation may take longer. If this is the case our complaints manager will contact you to tell you, and you will be provided with a revised timeframe within which you should expect to receive a response. You will receive regular updates thereafter.

Our complaints manager may agree with all or some of your ground of complaint. If this is the case, we will aim to offer a satisfactory solution to you, which may include:

  • A full refund
  • A partial refund
  • Replacement goods
  • Provision of services again

We will offer the solution which our complaints manager judges is most appropriate in the circumstances. The above examples are the usual solutions we may offer, although there may be occasions where we offer a different solution where this is appropriate.

If our complaints manager does not agree with your grounds of complaint, you will be provided with full details to explain why this is the case. If you are unhappy with this decision you may wish to progress matters externally (see below).

Professional Body


Details about this body can be found here:

We adhere to the relevant guidelines and code of conduct prescribed by the above body. You can contact this body about any complaint should you deem this appropriate. This body also offers an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme, which offers a method of resolving disputes outside of court. Details about this can be found on:

Legal claims

We would always hope that disputes can be resolved at the lowest possible level. However, if the complaint cannot be resolved by any of the above methods, you may wish to obtain legal advice and/or explore other legal remedies which may be available to you.

Information about your legal rights as a consumer can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website.