Pet Passports and Brexit!

Good morning! We have received notification from the government about the different scenarios that may occur with Brexit in March 2019. As yet, it is unclear exactly what may happen and what may be required. Please follow the link below which advises pet owners before they travel. If you do require further information then phone […]

Orthopaedic day!

We’ve had another busy day in surgery. The main operation today was a tibial tuberosity advancement which is used to treat dogs that have damaged their cruciate ligaments in the knee joint. Cruciate disease is very common in many breeds of dogs (and we do occassionally see cats with it too!). Some of the breeds […]

End of the week!

So it’s the end of the week and again, it’s been another busy one for us. We have had a lot of fantastic patients in this week, luckily mostly routine operations so not too many ill animals. Don’t forget we are open at the weekends if you do need to be seen! The opening times […]

Good morning! Welcome to the first post from our blog! We are excited to have our new website up and running and will be getting lots of new material on here over the next few months. Please see our Facebook page for information from the practice which we keep up to date every day and Like the page if you are happy with your visit! We are open today from 8.00am to 8.00pm, give us a call on 01706 656559 if you need any advice or to book an appointment.